Make a Claim


How to Make a Claim

If you need to make a claim here’s what to do.

In the event of any incident which may give rise to a claim you need to inform us as soon as reasonably possible with details of what has happened.

You can report a claim to us by phone or online via your Noble Portal. The Noble Portal is available to all customers who have bought a new policy or renewed a policy direct with Noble Marine since 15th February 2023.

If you do  not have access to your portal please let us know and we can send you a unique link to submit your claim without logging into the portal.

Telephone:   01636 675888
Email:           [email protected]
Post:              Jubilee House, Long Bennington Business Park, Long Bennington, Newark, NG23 5JR

Once we have your completed claim form our team will then be able to help you and explain the next steps.

What you should do?

  • Take pictures of damage or damaged items.
  • Get contact details for any other party involved.
  • You may carry out emergency repairs only to prevent further damage or loss. We must be given the opportunity to inspect damage otherwise this may affect our ability to pay your claim.
  • If the claim is for theft or malicious damage report it to the local police immediately and obtain a crime reference number.

What you should not do!

  • Pay, offer or agree any amount or admit responsibility without our approval.
  • Carry out any permanent repairs or dispose of any damaged items without our approval. We must be given the opportunity to look at the damage first.
  • Purchase any replacement items without our approval.

We may not be able to pay your claim or deal with another party if you take action without our agreement.

Is another party involved?

If an incident involves another party you must not admit responsibility for the incident or give any undertaking, offer or promise of payment, repair or compensation without our prior written consent. 

Give the other party our details and we will deal with any claims they make depending on who we establish is repsonsible.

If you receive any correspondence from another party involved in the incident you must forward this to us as soon as possible but it is important that you do not reply to them as this may affect the claim. We will then contact the other party or their insurers.

How We Settle Your Claim

Once we have accepted and authorised your claim there are a number of options available to us. We have the option to settle a claim by replacing an item, rebuilding or repairing damage or making a cash settlement to you.

The most we’ll pay are the limits shown in your Policy Schedule or in your Policy.

What isn't covered?

Your Policy Wording and Schedule set out what you can claim for and what is not covered, if you are not sure please contact us.

Most claims will be subject to a policy excess, this will be shown in your policy schedule.

Remember, no Policy covers everything. For example we don’t cover certain things such as damage caused by everyday wear and tear, maintenance costs or if the damage is caused as a result of the boat not being properly maintained.