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Summary of Cover - Laser Insurance for Laser, Radial & 4.7

The UK Laser Class Association (UKLA) has arranged special Laser insurance through Noble Marine. The cover has been specially designed for the Laser and includes use of a Radial or 4.7 sail, plus the Rooster 8.1 rig. This exclusive cover is not available on any other dinghy policy and is only available from Noble Marine.
This policy does not cover Lasers adapted for foiling. Please revert to the Dinghy Insurance page and search for Laser Foiling.

  • Full Racing Risk Cover - Without deduction for damage to spars and sails other than the policy excess.
  • New for Old Cover - Claim settlements will be based on the manufacturers price list at the time of loss. You can never be under insured.
  • Comprehensive All Year Round Cover, including transit risks, while in the specified cruising range.
  • Protection of a Reputable Company - The Laser policy is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc.
  • 5,000,000 Third Party Cover - Excluding third party risks whilst being towed by a motor vehicle (this is normally covered by your motor insurance policy).
  • Automatic cover for personal effects up to 350
  • Reliable Quick Claims Service.
  • Low Excess of 50.00 - To keep costs down, the first 50.00 of each claim must be borne by the insured.
  • Policy wordings are available in English only.
  • Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) - All premiums quoted are inclusive of IPT at the current rate of 12%.
Laser, Radial and 4.7 Class Proposal Form
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This policy does allow for any person to use the boat, regardless of their age, with the policyholder's permission.
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N.B. No Laser insurance is in force until accepted by Noble Marine (Insurance Brokers) Ltd.

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