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Please note that Noble Marine are only able to provide insurance for personal watercraft owned by UK Residents. Unfortunately there are also a small number of excluded risks and the list below details some of the more common exclusions.
We are NOT able to provide Jetski Insurance for The Excess applying in respect of:
  • loss or damage to the Personal Watercraft is 150;
  • theft from a locked building is 250;
  • theft other than from a locked building is the greater of 15% of the Sum Insured or 350
  • drivers with less than one years experience of driving Personal Watercraft is doubled;
  • drivers under the age of 25 is doubled.

Cruising Range: Inland and coastal waters of the United Kingdom

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PDF DocumentCustomer Terms of Business
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PWC Insurance Product Information
what is covered What is Covered
  • Loss or damage to the market value or the sum assured stated on the policy schedule whichever is the lesser amount caused by accidental means including fire, theft, vandalism & malicious acts
  • Personal Watercraft is used for private, pleasure purposes
  • Cost of repairing the Personal Watercraft or replacing individual items lost, damaged or stolen with a similar item limited to values shown on the schedule
  • In the event of payment made for partial loss and the Personal Watercraft is unrepaired at the time and becomes a total loss, we will deduct original payment from total loss payment
  • Third Party Liability up to 5,000,000
  • Cover for the Personal Watercraft whilst in transit by road, subject to towing vehicle and trailer being roadworthy
Optional cover you may have chosen
  • Marine Legal Protection up to 150,000 per incident in pursuit of uninsured losses or personal injury and fatal accident claims.
what is not covered What is Not Covered
  • Theft by deception
  • Civil, criminal or administrative proceedings
  • Fault or error in design
  • Latent Defect however damage caused by latent defective part is recoverable
  • Unseaworthiness of Personal Watercraft
  • Damage arising from wear, tear, gradual deterioration, Inherent Vice, frost, mould, fungi, marine life, electrical or mechanical breakdown
  • Beaching or by any substance drawn into propelling machinery
  • Wilful act of you or any Permitted User
  • Operation by Permitted User under influence of alcohol or drugs other than drugs taken for medical condition
  • Scratching, denting and bruising whilst in transit by road, rail, air or ferry
  • Unrepaired damage, failed repair, alteration, modification or maintenance work to Personal Watercraft
  • Loss or damage whilst vessel is participating in racing, speed testing or other competitive activity
  • Accidents to or illness of your workmen or employees
  • Accidents caused by water-skiers, wakeboards, tubes, biscuits whilst being towed unless water skiing liability extension is in force and no more than 2 persons towed
  • Diving activities, water sport activities such as aquaplaning or kiting
  • Punitive, exemplary damages, fines or penalties imposed by law
  • Loss or damage when left unattended afloat
  • Any third party loss or damage caused during land, road, rail or ferry transit
  • Personal watercraft let out for hire or reward, commercial means or charter
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