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Marine Security

Noble Marine have arranged a special discount on security products from Chip + Trace.

Electronic Tagging

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) chips can be hidden in your boat and will reveal the boat's unique identication only when scanned by a handheld scanning device. Full details of how to install the chip are given online, but because the tag is only 10mm long by 1.5mm in diamter it is possible to hide the tag anywhere on your boat and for it to remain virtually undetectable by a thief. It is also possible to chip other items such as the trailer, engine or other expensive equipment such as mast or foils.

The tags usually retail for 45.00, however Noble Marine's clients are able to obtain a chip and registration for 20.00. Additional chips can be requested, and will also be supplied at a discounted price.

To obtain your tag, please email your name, address and policy number to


For higher valued vessels, Chip + Trace offer "Chip and Trace Pro", an electronic tracking system.

Once installed, owners can log-on to a secure website to view the vessel's position anywhere and anytime using mapping software or by using a suitable mobile phone.

Using a unique combination of GPS, GSM and RF location, Chip and Trace Pro ensures that protected vessels remain in view. The system will report any unexpected movement or any attempt to tamper with the unit as standard. Further features to report intruders, gas leaks, and bilge level alerts can be added at any time. Purchase of Chip and Trace Pro also includes the basic RFID Boat Identification Chips and Database facilities.

The Control Centre is fully managed, providing protection and reporting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The normal retail price of "Chip and Trace Pro" is 716.75 plus post and packaging together with an annual monitoring charge of 120.00 plus VAT.

Clients of Noble Marine are able to obtain the unit at the discounted price of 665.00 including VAT and postage and will also include the first year's monitoring service, free of charge. This offer is exclusive to Noble Marine's Clients.

This unit should not be confused with cheaper units that will only operate within the range of mobile phone networks and those that do not include GPS mapping, or indeed all of the functionality that combines GPS, GSM and RF Technologies.

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