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Bucklers Hard

Every yard has its own unique atmosphere, which you can sense almost from the moment of arrival. And at Bucklers Hard, on the banks of the delightful Beaulieu River, you will be immediately aware that - for us - quality comes far before expediency - and meticulous attention-to-detail and loving workmanship before production-line convenience.

To management and workforce at Bucklers Hard Boat Builders, our task is simply expressed: to take the time to find out exactly what each customer requires, and then to deliver this to the very highest standards of quality, timeliness and value.

To those clients who find that our standards are a match for their own, we extend a most cordial welcome.


The Agamemnon Yard
Bucklers Hard
SO42 7XB

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Map of Bucklers Hard

50° 47' 55.33" N

1° 25' 16.99" W