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Prevent Your Laser Rudder Falling Off

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As the largest insurer of Lasers in the UK, we also see a great number of insurance claims involving Lasers.

It is becomming increasingly common for us to see claims for rudders and tiller extensions, lost overboard during a capsize. The good news is that this is entirely preventable and cheap too! (only 51 pence from Laser Direct)

Laser Large Clevis Pin

All new lasers are supplied with a Clevis Pin (shown to the right), however we have discovered that many Laser sailors either do not know what it's for or forget to fit it when they go sailing.

Q. Why should I fit this clevis pin?

A. Apart from the obvious safety issue of trying to sail without a rudder, a new rudder and tiller will cost approximately 400. Yes you can claim on your insurance policy, but you'll still be out of pocket by the cost of your policy excess and could incur future increases in your insurance premium.

You'll also miss out on valuable sailing time and no-one has ever won a race without a rudder on their Laser.

Q. How do I fit it?

A. It's very simple!. The pintle on your rudder has a small hole near the tip. Once the rudder has been attached to the boat in the usual way, the clevis pin can be inserted into the hole and the rudder then cannot fall off. See the photo below:

Laser Rudder

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