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Class Crew Length Beam PN Hull Weight Trapeze Spinnaker Sail Area Spinnaker Area Year Designed Insurance Group
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12ft Skiff23.7 m1.8 m45 kg2Asymmetric5
29er24.45 m1.77 m92470 kg1Asymmetric12.5 sq m15.0 sq m199731
29erxx24.45 m1.77 m02Asymmetric20054
49er24.99 m2.9 - 3.05 m74762 kg2Asymmetric21.2 sq m38.0 sq m19956
49er FX24.99 m2.9 - 3.05 m062 kg2Asymmetric19.6 sq m25.1 sq m20126
59er24.8 m2 m90575 kg0Asymmetric14 sq m23 sq m20005
AltO285 kg1Asymmetric14.25 sq m15.5 sq m20084
B1424.25 m3.05 m88064 kg0Asymmetric17.2 sq m29.2 sq m19846
Boss24.9 m2.0 m84785 kg2Asymmetric17.85 sq m33.0 sq m19946
Buzz24.2 m1.92 m100590 kg1Asymmetric12.85 sq m17.4 sq m19943
Cherub23.7 m1.8 m97550 kg1 - 2Asymmetric15.5 sq m21 sq m19515
Cherub Daemon23.7 m1.8 m97550 kg2Asymmetric15.5 sq m21 sq m20065
Comet Race24.27 m1.63 m00Asymmetric13.0 sq m11.6 sq m20013
Comet Versa23.96 m1.65 m116595 kg0Asymmetric9.1 sq m6.97 sq m3
Comet Zero1 - 23.45 m1.42 m125070 kg0Asymmetric7.25 sq m4.8 sq m19992
Cruz24.58 m1.82 m10400Asymmetric12.82 sq m17.4 sq m19983
Dart Hawk25.5 m2.6 m00Asymmetric21.4 sq m21.8 sq m6
F1825.52 m2.6 m02Asymmetric21.15 sq m21 sq m6
Formula 1825.52 m2.6 m02Asymmetric21.15 sq m21 sq m6
Hobie 1524.94 m2.39 m02Asymmetric15.2 sq m15.0 sq m5
Hobie 1825.49 m2.6 m744180 kg2Asymmetric21.15 sq m21 sq m6
Hobie 18 Pacific2 - 45.48 m2.6 m744165 kg2Asymmetric19.48 sq m19.00 sq m6
Hobie 40524.05 m1.38 m108974 kg1Asymmetric7.98 sq m8.80 sq m19912
Hobie Tiger25.51 m2.5 m691180 kg2Asymmetric21.15 sq m21.0 sq m6
Hobie Twixxy24.38 m2.3 m0139 kg2Asymmetric12.52 sq m20033
Inter 1825.52 m2.6 m691180 kg2Asymmetric21.15 sq m21 sq m6
Inter 2026.1 m2.6 m650190 kg2Asymmetric22.25 sq m25.0 sq m7
International 1424.27 m1.82 m85074.25 kg2Asymmetric18.58 sq m30 sq m19386
ISO24.74 m1.75 - 2.0 m926100 kg1Asymmetric14.3 sq m18.8 sq m19934
Laser 200024.44 m1.85 m10890Asymmetric11.78 sq m9.86 sq m20002
Laser 300024.4 m1.46 m103079 kg1Asymmetric11.6 sq m12.6 sq m19963
Laser 400024.64 m1.5 - 2.3 m90880 kg1Asymmetric14.7 sq m17.1 sq m19955
Laser 500025.00 m1.9 - 3.05 m846109 kg2Asymmetric21.1 sq m30 sq m19956
Laser Bahia2 - 54.6 m1.8 m130 kg1Asymmetric14.25 sq m14.00 sq m20063
Laser Stratos24.94 m2 m1083240 kg0Asymmetric11.11 sq m12.5 sq m19983
Laser Stratos Keel24.94 m2 m1100290 kg0Asymmetric11.11 sq m12.5 sq m19983
Laser Vago1or 24.2 m1.56 m106486kg kg1Asymmetric11.98 sq m13.0 sq m20042
Martin 1624.9 m1.21 m318 kg0Asymmetric9.5 sq m3
Nacra 17 Foiling25.25 m2.59 m0138 kg2Asymmetric20.1 sq m19 sq m7
Nacra 57025.67 m2.5 m0165 kg2Asymmetric21 sq m6
Nacra F1825.52 m2.6 m0180 kg2Asymmetric21.15 sq m21 sq m7
Prindle 1624.88 m2.4 m850135 kg2Asymmetric6
Prindle 18.225.50 m2.6 m02Asymmetric21.15 sq m21 sq m20006
Prindle 1925.85 m2.59 m684175 kg2Asymmetric6
RS 20024.00 m1.83 m105978 kg0Asymmetric11.52 sq m8.29 sq m19952
RS 40024.52 m2.00 m95285 kg0Asymmetric14.76 sq m13.94 sq m19934
RS 50024.34 m1.58 m01Asymmetric11.11 - 13.1 sq m12.0 - 14.8 sq m20053
RS 80024.8 m1.88 - 2.89 m82262 kg2Asymmetric16.5 sq m21.0 sq m19996
RS Feva XL23.64 m1.42 m118963 kg0Asymmetric8.6 sq m7.0 sq m20002
RS Vision24.6 m1.75 m0125 kg0Asymmetric12.2 sq m12.6 sq m20033
SKUD 1825.8 m2.3 m0Asymmetric15.42 sq m20.78 sq m20053
Spectrum24.4 m1.37 m00Asymmetric10.2 sq m7.75 sq m3
Spitfire25.0 m2.52 m7122Asymmetric20.0 sq m18.0 sq m20006
Stealth F1624.97 m2.5 m739110 kg2Asymmetric18.7 sq m17.5 sq m19976
Stealth F1825.5 m2.5 m700131 kg2Asymmetric20.0 sq m20.0 sq m19976
Topper Breeze2 - 36.0 m2.45 m0380 kg0Asymmetric24 sq m32 sq m1997
Topper Cruz24.58 m1.82 m10400Asymmetric12.85 sq m17.4 sq m19983
Topper Omega24.7 m1.88 m0140 kg0Asymmetric15.0 sq m12.75 sq m20033
Topper Spice24.25 m1.9 m93085 kg2Asymmetric15.93 sq m21.68 sq m19965
Topper Sport 1424.45 m1.8 m1055120 kg0Asymmetric12.85 sq m17.4 sq m19953
Topper Sport 1624.99 m1.98 m1040180 kg0Asymmetric13.85 sq m18.4 sq m20023
Topper Topaz 12CX23.65 m1.80 m85 kg1Asymmetric9.0 sq m7.0 sq m4
Topper Topaz 14CX1 - 24.25 m2.05 m110 kg2Asymmetric11.5 sq m10.0 sq m20085
Topper Topaz 16CX24.72 m2.25 m140 kg2Asymmetric14.25 sq m11.18 sq m20065
Topper Topaz Magno23.94 m1.56 m117589 kg0Asymmetric10.26 sq m8.72 sq m20023
Topper Topaz Uno Race X23.86 m1.45 m120060 kg0Asymmetric8.78 sq m8.0 sq m2
Topper Topaz Vibe23.76 m1.60 m070 kg0Asymmetric9.06 sq m8.41 sq m2
Topper Topaz Xenon24.5 m2 m0118 kg0Asymmetric15.5 sq m12.75 sq m20023
Tornado26.1 m3.05 m6502Asymmetric24.0 sq m25.0 sq m1966
V300024.4 m1.46 m103054 kg1Asymmetric11.6 sq m12.6 sq m19963
Victoria 1624.09 m01Asymmetric3
Wayfarer World24.85 m1.85 m0167 kg0Asymmetric11.59 sq m2

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