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Class Crew Length Beam PN Hull Weight Trapeze Spinnaker Sail Area Spinnaker Area Year Designed Insurance Group
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37023.7 m1.5 m01Symmetric8.95 sq m2
40424.04 m1.65 m00Symmetric9.74 sq m9.25 sq m19912
42024.2 m1.71 m108780 kg1Symmetric10.25 sq m9.02 sq m19603
47024.7 m1.68 m973120 kg1Symmetric13.9 sq m14.3 sq m19645
50525.05 m1.88 m902127 kg1Symmetric12.3 sq m23.25 sq m19536
Bosun24.27 m1.68 m1198159 kg0Symmetric10.68 sq m10.23 sq m19603
Bullet24.2 m00Symmetric10.0 sq m10.0 sq m3
Cadet23.22 m1.27 m143254 kg0Symmetric5.16 sq m4.25 sq m19473
Comet Trio2 - 34.6 m1.83 m1085134 kg0Symmetric12.53 sq m9.28 sq m19943
Express23.88 m1.59 m00Symmetric8.92 sq m7.8 sq m19702
Fireball24.93 m1.37 m98279.4 kg1Symmetric11.43 sq m13.01 sq m19624
Flying Dutchman26.06 m1.78 m8801Symmetric18.6 sq m21.0 sq m19517
Flying Fifteen26.1 m1.54 m1025305 kg0Symmetric13.94 sq m14.2 sq m19475
GP1424.27 m1.54 m1127133 kg0Symmetric9.55 sq m8.36 sq m19502
Gull23.35 m1.44 m088 kg0Symmetric6.5 sq m5.57 sq m1
Heron23.43 m1.37 m135563.7 kg0Symmetric6.5 sq m6.36 sq m19541
Hobie 1625.11 m2.41 m8021Symmetric15.42 sq m12.3 sq m6
Hornet24.88 m1.4 m973126 kg1Symmetric15.42 sq m12.3 sq m19525
Jacksnipe24.72 m1.37 m1Symmetric11.9 sq m12.1 sq m19684
Javelin25.36 m1.68 m926118 kg1Symmetric15.79 sq m15.79 sq m5
Jet24.29 m1.42 m0129 kg0Symmetric20 sq m13.9 sq m19526
Kestrel24.75 m1.69 m1038120 kg0Symmetric15.79 sq m3
Lark24.07 m1.65 m107395 kg0Symmetric9.75 sq m7.4 sq m19673
Laser 1324.05 m1.72 m0136 kg0Symmetric9.32 sq m10.5 sq m19893
Laser 1625 m2 m1066250 kg0Symmetric14 sq m11.5 sq m19863
Laser Fun24.39 m1.42 m103380 kg1Symmetric11.52 sq m10.2 sq m19803
Laser II24.39 m1.42 m107559 kg1Symmetric11.52 sq m10.2 sq m19803
Leader24.27 m1.69 m1115111.13 kg0Symmetric10.96 sq m9.29 sq m19623
Marauder24.42 m1.68 m085 kg1Symmetric13.9 sq m13.9 sq m19693
Merlin Rocket24.27 m2.18 m102198 kg0Symmetric14 sq m10 sq m19465
Miracle23.89 m1.59 m117859 kg0Symmetric8.9 sq m7.4 sq m19732
Mirror23.3 m1.4 m138661.4 kg0Symmetric6.53 sq m5.2 sq m19631
Mirror 1624.9 m1.8 m00Symmetric16.5 sq m3
MRX24.27 m2.16 m102175 kg0Symmetric13.3 sq m9.25 sq m19995
Norfolk Punt26.76 m1.83 m890100 kg1 - 2Symmetric16.35 sq m5
Osprey25.32 m1.75 m940134 kg1Symmetric13.94 sq m17.19 sq m5
Otter23.82 m1.47 m127559 kg0Symmetric7.89 sq m7.43 sq m1
Pacer23.82 m1.47 m119359 kg0Symmetric7.89 sq m7.43 sq m2
Pegasus24.42 m00Symmetric19583
Sandhopper25.79 m1.87 m11970Symmetric15.8 sq m15.5 sq m19705
Scorpion24.27 m1.45 m105681 kg0Symmetric9.95 sq m11.14 sq m19604
Seafly24.49 m1.75 m1087109 kg0Symmetric11.14 sq m12.54 sq m19613
Shearwater25.05 m2.28 m814120 kg2Symmetric15.5 sq m17.6 sq m19566
Signet23.8 m1.45 m126573 kg0Symmetric9.7 sq m8.3 sq m19612
Squib25.79 m1.87 m11080Symmetric15.8 sq m13.5 sq m19685
Swordfish2 - 34.57 m1.54 m0170 kg0Symmetric12 sq m7.43 sq m19483
Teeny23.15 m1.38 m50 kg1symmetric5.4 sq m5.2 sq m19863
Wanderer24.27 m1.78 m1132129.5 kg0Symmetric10.68 sq m9.94 sq m19812
Wayfarer24.85 m1.85 m1099167 kg0Symmetric11.59 sq m13.5 sq m19592
Wivenhoe One Design24.57 m00Symmetric19353
Yachting World Dayboat24.29 m1.75 m1200204.12 kg0Symmetric12.87 sq m5.2 sq m19493
Yeoman2 - 46.08 m2.0 m1108670 kg0Symmetric19.98 sq m24.0 sq m19685
Zenith24.42 m1.78 m00Symmetric12.6 sq m11.6 sq m19593

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