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Class Crew Length Beam PN Hull Weight Trapeze Spinnaker Sail Area Spinnaker Area Year Designed Insurance Group
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12 Sq Metre Sharpie25.99 m1.43 m1025230 kg012.0 sq m193131
3021 - 23.02 m001
A Class Cat15.49 m2.3 m753113.9 sq m6
A Class Cat (foiling)15.49 m2.3 m753113.9 sq m7
Access 2.312.3 m1.25 m052 kg01
Access 30313.03 m1.35 m0116 kg06.0 sq m1
Adventurer23.2 m002
Albacore24.57 m1.53 m1066109 kg011.65 sq m19543
Avon Scow13.45 m006.40 sq m1
Bembridge Scow1 - 2001
Bez 2 Trailer Sailer24.17 m1.87 m0250 kg05
Bladerider13.36 m2.26 m98610 kg08 sq m5
Blaze14.2 m1.5 - 2.48 m104772 kg010.0 sq m19963
Blue Peter12.54 m1.27 m038.5 kg03.57 sq m1
Bobbin22.74 m1.27 m006.04 sq m1
British Moth13.35 m1.27 m117345 kg08.06 sq m19321
Byte13.65 m1.3 m116245 kg05.6 sq m19902
Caledonia Yawl25.95 m1.88 m0150 kg015.25 sq m3
Catapult1 - 25.0 m88095 kg110 sq m6
Challenger Tri1 - 24.57 m3.5 m1180145 kg07.5 sq m19803
Character Coastal 1524.42 m1.93 m002
Character Post Boat24.42 m1.93 m0010.3 sq m19003
Chichester Scow1 - 23.5 m1.46 m0100 kg06.38 sq m19991
Coastal Whammel25.3 m003
Comet13.45 m1.37 m117350 kg06.5 sq m19812
Comet Duo23.57 m1.52 m117588 kg09 sq m19902
Comet Mino13.45 m1.37 m119350 kg05.0 sq m20062
Comet XTRA13.45 m1.37 m050 kg06.5 sq m20062
Concept 3021 - 23.02 m05.1 sq m1
Contender14.87 m1.5 m99483 kg110.4 sq m19675
Dart 1213.66 m005
Dart 1514.54 m2.13 m916105 kg112.29 sq m5
Dart 1624.8 m2.3 m850113.1 sq m5
Dart 16X24.8 m2.3 m850113.1 sq m5
Dart 1825.5 m2.29 m798130 kg116.08 sq m5
Delta 413.9 m1.3 m013
Devon Lugger25.72 m1.9 m1386340 kg012.26 sq m3
Devon Yawl24.87 m1.91 m1219431 kg015.5 sq m19643
DinghyGo 3 Nomad12.75 m1.45 m026 kg03.9 sq m1
Drascombe Dabber24.72 m1.78 m1386250 kg010.96 sq m19713
Drascombe Lugger25.72 m1.9 m1386340 kg012.26 sq m19683
Drascombe Skiff24.5 m0160 kg06.3 sq m19702
Eagle 52525.25 m003
Eleven Plus23.4 m1.37 m006.5 sq m19562
Embassy1 - 2002
Enterprise24.04 m1.62 m111694 kg010.7 sq m19563
Escape 1223.89 m1.52 m0020051
Escape Captiva23.6 m1.6 m065 kg05.9 sq m19961
Escape Cha Cha12.29 m0019961
Escape Mambo20019961
Escape Mango22.9 m1.2 m038 kg05.2 sq m19961
Escape Playcat24.8 m2.1 m09.5 kg011.9 sq m19985
Escape Rumba23.9 m1.6 m068 kg07.9 sq m19961
Escape Solsa22.9 m1.2 m038 kg04.8 sq m19961
Europe13.38 m1.41 m113945 kg07.1 sq m19604
Europti12.3 m1.12 m035 kg03.59 sq m1
Falmouth Bass Boat24.83 m1.78 m0272 kg09.34 sq m19503
Finn14.5 m1.5 m1069010 sq m19496
Firefly23.66 m1.42 m116274 kg08.36 sq m19462
Flash13.55 m1.3 m113049 kg07.0 sq m19873
Fleetwind23.69 m1.37 m008.82 sq m19522
Flying Junior24 m1.52 m009.3 sq m6.9 sq m19523
Foamcrest 1223.66 m002
Foxer13.25 m1.37 m072 kg06.3 sq m1
Gosling 4.714.18 m1.42 m117255 kg04.7 sq m19983
Graduate23.82 m1.42 m116784 kg010 sq m19522
Gremlin12.29 m1.22 m0019601
Hadron H214.2 m1.95 m054 kg9.3 sq m201631
HALO14.2 m1.5 - 2.48 m072 kg011.8 sq m3
Harrier14.27 m1.9 m0105 kg08.73 sq m19703
Hawke Surfcat24.3 m005
Heyland Marine Lugger1 - 23.5 m1.45 m077 kg04.92 sq m2
Heyland Marine Rockett12.44 m001
Heyland Marine Swallow1 - 23.5 m1.45 m090 kg08.3 sq m1
Heyland Marine Swift12.45 m1.35 m039 kg04.3 sq m1
Hobie 141 - 24.25 m2.31 m0109 kg113.26 sq m5
Hobie 1725.18 m2.41 m783163 kg218 sq m6
Hobie Bravo13.66 m1.35 m088 kg08.0 sq m20003
Hobie Catsy23.1 m1.66 m072 kg04.6 sq m20031
Hobie Dragoon23.91 m2.15 m0111.06 sq m3
Hobie Fox26.1 m2.6 m0222.85 sq m25 sq m6
Hobie Getaway25.05 m2.3 m0176.9 kg016.7 sq m20005
Hobie Holder 1424.26 m0120 kg09.94 sq m19843
Hobie Teddy23.91 m2.15 m0114 kg011.08 sq m2
Hobie Wave23.96 m2.13 m0111 kg08.82 sq m20003
Hurricane 4.924.9 m019896
Hurricane 5.925.9 m2.43 m691123 kg122 sq m6
International 14 Classic24.27 m019385
International 14 Penultimate24.27 m019385
International 2.4mR14.1 m1.0 m126060 kg02.65 sq m19883
International Canoe15.18 m1.02 m87363 kg010 sq m19465
International Moth13.36 m2.26 m98610 kg08 sq m19275
Jimmy Skiff24.0 m1.3 m043.5 kg02
Jolly Boat25.48 m1.52 m0013.93 sq m19544
Keyhaven Scow1 - 23.66 m001
Kittiwake 1424.3 m1.5 m0320 kg012.5 sq m2
Kittiwake 1624.9 m003
Kontender1 - 23.05 m1.42 m030 kg05.67 sq m19971
Laser14.23 m1.37 m107860 kg07.06 sq m1970
Laser 4.714.23 m1.37 m117560 kg04.7 sq m1970
Laser EPS14.3 m2.4 m101353.5 kg08.4 - 9.3 sq m19984
Laser Foiling14.23 m1.37 m060 kg7.06 sq m4
Laser Funboat13.9 m1.25 m004.8 sq m20001
Laser Pico13.5 m1.37 m125905.1 sq m19951
Laser Pico Sport13.5 m1.37 m126960 kg06.44 sq m19951
Laser Radial14.23 m1.37 m110160 kg05.7 sq m1970
Laser Vortex14.2 m1.53 m93065 kg110.5 sq m19994
Lazy E24.57 m003
Liverpool Bay Falcon25.9 m2.2 m0015 sq m5
Longstone 1223.66 m003
Lune Longboat25.3 m1.7 m0013.0 sq m3
Lune Pilot 11ft13.35 m1.5 m008.3 sq m1
Lune Pilot 12ft 6in23.8 m1.6 m008.3 sq m2
Lune Pilot 14ft 6in24.3 m1.6 m0010.3 sq m19202
Lune Whammel25.28 m1.93 m0013.0 sq m3
Lymington Scow1 - 23.44 m1.4 m0100 kg08.9 sq m19001
Macaulay 1624.8 m1.52 m083 kg07.45 sq m19733
Megabyte14.36 m1.58 m009.29 sq m20003
Mermaid23.5 m019221
Minisail14.15 m1.07 m007.4 sq m19612
Nacra 45014.56 m2.44 m869129 kg117 sq m6
Nacra 5.525.5 m026
Nacra 50025.07 m2.5 m0149 kg217.6 sq m6
Nacra 6.026.10 m2.59 m0191 kg224.5 sq m6
National 1223.66 m1.98 m109370 kg010.4 sq m3
Ness Yawl25.48 m1.6 m0130 kg012.35 sq m3
Norfolk One Design24.3 m1.6 m0012.0 sq m19313
Norfolk Oyster25.18 m1.86 m0675 kg013.8 sq m3
Norfolk Urchin24.0 m1.59 m0255 kg09.7 sq m2
NS1424.27 m1.8 m102864 kg09.3 sq m19604
OK14 m1.25 m111072 kg08.5 sq m19573
Oppi12.3 m1.13 m164635 kg02.5 sq m19471
Optimist12.3 m1.12 m164635 kg03.59 sq m19471
Phantom14.42 m1.64 m104561 kg09.75 sq m19734
Poole AB22.59 m1.32 m0019581
Prindle 15182716
Prindle Escape25.50 m2.40 m0150 kg019.5 sq m19926
Raider 1835.56 m2.02 m0681 kg017.9 sq m19943
Rooster 8.114.23 m1.37 m105160 kg08.1 sq m2007
RS 30014.24 m2 m100075 kg09.94 sq m19973
RS 60014.47 m1.93 - 2.13 m92076 kg112.14 sq m19936
RS 600 FF14.47 m1.93 - 2.13 m076 kg112.14 sq m20067
RS Feva23.64 m1.42 m118963 kg07.6 sq m20002
RS Neo23.53 m1.42 m118960 kg06.0 sq m2
Salcombe Yawl2 - 34.88 m2.13 m0381 kg016.24 sq m19383
Seagull12.83 m001
Seahopper Crafty Scamp1 - 22.03 m001
Seahopper Kondor23.05 m0019971
Seahopper Nifty Fifty1 - 22.4 m001
Shellback13.4 m1.3 m001
Skipper 1223.66 m002
Skipper 1424.27 m1.5 m007.8 sq m2
Skipper 1725.18 m003
Snipe24.72 m1.54 m1117125 kg011.9 sq m3
Solo13.79 m1.55 m115570 kg08.36 sq m19562
Splash13.55 m1.3 m118449 kg05.5 sq m19882
Sprint 1514.54 m2.13 m916104 kg112.29 sq m5
St Mawes One Design24.88 m0019233
Star26.9 m1.7 m922026.5 sq m1911
Stornoway 1223.67 m1.53 m061 kg07.3 sq m2
Stowaway 181 - 21.8 m1.06 m016 kg03.3 sq m1
Stowaway 201 - 22.03 m1.27 m022 kg02.79 sq m1
Stowaway 241 - 22.4 m1.27 m026 kg03.72 sq m1
Streaker13.89 m1.37 m116248 kg06.5 sq m19752
Sunfish14.2 m1.25 m006.9 sq m3
Supernova14.3 m1.5 m106362.5 kg08 sq m19953
Tabur 32023.2 m001
Tasar24.52 m1.75 m102368 kg011.43 sq m19753
Tideway 1013.1 m1.48 m070 kg04.55 sq m1
Tideway 1223.66 m1.52 m1447125 kg07.2 sq m19542
Tideway 1424.27 m1.77 m0215 kg09.85 sq m2
Tinker23.15 m1.5 m024 kg04.83 sq m19802
Topper13.4 m1.2 m129043 kg05.2 sq m19761
Topper Classic24.47 m1.8 m0130 kg011.0 sq m19993
Topper Taz12.95 m1.2 m0020001
Topper Topaz23.86 m1.45 m119060 kg17.52 sq m2
Topper Topaz Argo24.40 m1.85 m0110 kgOptional11.42 sq m2
Topper Topaz Uno Plus23.86 m1.45 m125560 kg06.73 sq m2
Topper Topaz Uno Race Plus23.86 m1.45 m124060 kg08.01 sq m2
Toy14.57 m1.29 m113265 kg010.22 sq m19643
Unicorn15.49 m1.78 m746113.0 sq m19676
Vagabond23.6 m1.45 m008.2 sq m19582
Virus Plus 1624.95 m3.0 m0130 kg019955
Walker Bay 1012.95 m1.45 m057 kg01
Walker Bay 812.43 m001
West Wight Potter 1524.57 m002
West Wight Potter 1925.79 m0019713
West Wight Scow13.45 m0019241
Weymouth Falcon24.88 m0019273
Windrider 10 Trimaran13.3 m3.2 m054 kg04.8 sq m20021
Windrider 16 Trimaran25.1 m3.7 m0114 kg07.6 sq m19955
Windrider 17 Trimaran2 - 35.3 m3.4 m0145 kg013.0 sq m20025
Wineglass24.57 m1.77 m0108.8 kg011.4 sq m19573

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