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Severn Sailing Club

Bredon's Norton
GL20 7HD
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Latitude:52° 3' 1.75" N
Longitude:2° 7' 2.80" W
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Activities:Dinghy Racing, Dinghy Cruising.
Year Established:1936Max. Open Meeting Size:
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Severn Sailing Club is situated near the village of Bredon's Norton in rural Worcestershire, about five miles from Tewkesbury and six miles from Pershore. The surrounding farmland is used mostly for livestock grazing, hay, etc in the summer, and is often several feet underwater in the winter!

Those members who live in urban areas really appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the area, which is rich in wildlife. Herons may be seen in the evenings and early mornings fishing in the reed beds, buzzards and other birds of prey patrol the riverside meadows during the day. The meadows are the summertime haunt of curlews and skylarks, and otters are making a gradual recovery on the river. Nocturnal visitors include owls and foxes, together with the occasional badger.

The Club has just over four acres of grounds, providing more than adequate space for the dinghy park, camping area, car parking, and caravanning. The availablity of kitchen, shower, and toilet facilites mean that many clubmembers spend whole weekends on site, and as the nearest road is over a mile away, even young children can play in the grounds in complete safety.

Despite the name, the club sails on the River Avon (yea, verily, this is Shakespeare's Avon! - see Club history for an explanation of this anomaly).

The river here is quite narrow (around 15 yards), but the area around the club is fairly free of trees. There is about six miles of sailing water downstream as far as Tewkesbury, and about another mile upstream to Eckington Lock. Most of the club races are "around the cans" on a short course in the area of the club; this makes for quite good spectator sport, especially if it's blowing!

Racing is competitive but friendly. The water being somewhat restricted, many of the better sailors go off to other clubs' open meetings fairly regularly, which creates opportunities for the others.

Every year for the last 20 years or so we have had a club holiday week, initially at Saundersfoot in South Wales. Then in Ullswater, and now back in Saundersfoot. This years event will once again occur during the first week in August and is being looked forward to by all concerned. If you have never done any sea sailing then this is an ideal event for you as there are always plenty of willing helpers to launch and recover you from the beach.

The water at Severn is great for kids - there's not much harm they can come to since there is very little current in the summer months, and the bank is never far away.

The club's season runs from March through to November. We have a very busy racing program, with races being held on Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and Wednesday evenings when daylight hours permit.

But what makes SSC special is the parties. SSC parties are FAMOUS!

During the season we hold a wide range of social events, lots of live music to suit all tastes - rock, folk, blues, and jazz nights are regular features. We also hold wine tasting evenings, beer tasting evenings, pig roasts and barbecues.

Severn S.C. has something to offer everybody, whether it's racing, pottering on the river, or just socialising. Come down and visit us - we'll be pleased to see you!

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