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Abbey Sailing Club

Wilsham Road
OX14 5LD
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Latitude:51° 39' 41.23" N
Longitude:1° 17' 3.53" W
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Year Established:1933Max. Open Meeting Size:
Single Membership:30 Number of Members:
Joining Fee:20 Number of Boats:

The Abbey Sailing Club is a small family centred club on the banks of the river Thames on the southern outskirts of Abingdon-on-Thames.

The club was formed in 1933 by the townsfolk and there has been sailing on the Thames at Abingdon since that date.

The Club has an excellent location on the banks of the Thames on its own secure and safe site with good access to fine section of the river which provides for challenging sailing.

With a well equipped Club House, with bar and galley, and good changing rooms and showers, the Abbey is a good place for family sailing..

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