Multi Boat insurance

Make insuring your boats simple by keeping everything in one place with one renewal date and receive a 12.5% discount up to £150

Insure all your boats in one place

If you have more than one boat our unique Multi Boat Insurance is the solution for you. Any mixture of boat types can be insured together making managing your insurance easy and convenient as well as saving you money with a 12.5% discount (up to £150 per policy).

Speedboat insurance


  • Insure all your boats under one policy
  • 12.5% Multi Boat Discount
    • In addition to any other discounts e.g. No Claims Bonus or Class Association.
    • Discount applies to the total premium for all boats insured.
    • Up to £150 discount
  • One renewal date
  • On-line documents available 24/7/365
  • Available by phone or on-line
  • Cover and terms specific to each boat 

If you have multiple boats in your household there can be quite a lot of jobs to do to keep your personal fleet seaworthy and ready for action. Having lots of separate insurance policies, potentially with different renewal dates,  is yet another thing to keep an eye on. Our multi boat policy allows you to combine these, if your renewal dates are spread out over different dates you can start with one boat and then add the others as they fall due, you will receive your discount on the overall policy premium as soon as you add the second and subsequent boats.

If you need to make a claim our in house team will be there to support you, we know just how important it is to get you back on the water quickly. Each boat under the policy is treated separately so a claim under one boat will not affect any no claims discount on another.

Under water

Your claims are handled by our own in house experts.